WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? What's going on is, you pick your person, the day you think they'll either get fired or resign, and place your dollar. When you win, you and any other winners will then vote towards which issue, organization, NGO, or 2018 candidate (or beyond) the collected funds will go. This whole thing is a vehicle to turn emotion and frustration into funding for causes that just might actually make America great.
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    What happens if I win?

    If you choose correctly, you and any other winners will have the tremendous honor of determining which important issue will receive the support of your cash. You’ll also receive the best gift of all: that warm fuzzy feeling of actually helping make America great.

    Where Your Money Goes - The mighty organizations working to protect all of America, and all Americans, could always use our help. Here are the things your money will benefit:
    • Healthcare
    • The environment
    • Civil rights
    • Education
    • Reproductive and early childhood wellness

    The Departed

    Here is a collection of the sorry souls that tried to make America great, but came up short. Some tried harder than others. But all of them met the same political end: unemployment.

    Former Trump Aides
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        The super pac that just might actually make america great if we all pitch in
        Paid for by The Super PAC That Just Might Actually Make America Great If We All Pitch In.
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